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Creek Farm Education Associates Inc. was established in 1998 in Bozeman Montana USA to promote innovative education programs addressing health and environmental topics. It is committed to encouraging positive choices in the lives of children and adults. Creek Farm’s educational programs are dedicated to empowerment of people through knowledge and skills to make intelligent ecological and health decisions.

The goals of Creek Farm are to:
  • promote positive health and environmental choices,
  • help create effective environmental and health education activities,
  • better understand human and ecological interactions and
  • contribute to the overall well being of future generations.

Located in the Northern Rocky Mountains in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Creek Farm conducts educational programs with local, national and international audiences. From hosting training programs in educating about environmental issues to conducting teacher workshops in Russian ecological emergency zones, Creek Farm works to help people better understand their personal well-being and ecological situation.

Creek Farm projects include:
  • design, delivery and evaluation of health and environmental educational programs,
  • delivery of international computer-based telecommunications programs,
  • design and distribution of ecological field study materials and
  • conducting reproductive health programs.

Creek Farm is particularly proud of its work in the Russian Federation. It has hosted Russian government officials, school administrators and teachers of ecology in environmental education training programs, worked with pedagogical institutes and educational associations throughout Russia and conducted education workshops with Russian ecology teachers. Of special note is Creek Farm’s joint venture with Association Ecosystem, Moscow, Russia, in the production and distribution of ecological field study materials. Together with Association Ecosystem, Creek Farm has established the Ecological Field Studies Program serving teachers and students in the United States and Russian Federation.

Creek Farm educational programs address concerns related to teaching and learning about ecological systems and their human impacts as well as reproductive health issues. Creek Farm welcomes the opportunity to work with people for healthier lives and a productive ecological future.

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