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        A project like this is the result of cooperation among a large number of people and organizations. This page contains electronic links to some of the major contributors to this program. We encourage you to visit the web sites of our partners and learn about the many opportunities they provide for teachers and students.

        First the directors of this project Michael Brody and Alexsander Bogolyubov invite you to contact us for information about and participation in the project.

        In the United States, Creek Farm Education Association provides the organizational structure and expertise for development of educational materials and the delivery of ecological field technique courses. The Burns Telecommunications Center at montana State University has provided the technical expertise and administrative support for telecommunications. The Department of Education at montana State University awards university credit for ecological field techniques course work for teachers.

        In the Russian Federation Association Ecosystem and The Center for Field Studies has been responsible for development of educational materials and the coordination of participation of teachers from Russia.


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