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" Ecosystem" Field Studies Center, (Ecosystem) Moscow, Russia, and Creek Farm Education Associates (CreekFarm), Bozeman, Montana, have collaborated to create environmental and ecological education opportunities for teachers and students. In particular, we are pleased to offer educational materials focusing on ecological field studies as well as on-line graduate courses in teaching and learning about nature.

Working together, Ecosystem and Creek Farm have also established the Creek Farm Network (CreekFarm.Net) devoted to connecting people who are interested in teaching about nature and ecology. CreekFarm.Net is a network of organizations and people who are devoted to educating for a sustainable and healthy environment. You can visit and explore the network at CreekFarm.Net website.

Ecological Field Studies Materials

Ecological Field Studies Materials help teachers and students to learn ecological concepts and field study skills in the context their local environment. Materials include 40 ecological field study activities illustrated with videos of students and teachers conducting ecological research at "Ecosystem" Field Studies Center, northeast of Moscow, Russia.

Each field study has a 5-9 minute video featuring real students conducting the ecological field techniques in nature. Each video illustrates the primary instructional outcomes and the major steps in accomplishing the task including reporting the results. Accompanying teacher materials (7-20 pages of text for each lesson) include background ecological concepts, specific details about the field study techniques, approaches to analysis of the data collected and suggestions for conducting the field study with students.

The 40 ecological field study lessons cover a wide variety of activities focusing on aquatic ecology, botany, forest ecology, soil studies, landscape analysis, mammal studies, ornithology and human effects on nature. The lessons are divided into appropriate seasons with 10 lessons for each season of the year. Ecological field studies begin with basic skills in Autumn, proceed through Winter and Spring with appropriate seasonal activities and culminate in advanced studies in Summer. The lessons are based on five main themes: landscape, botany, zoology, water ecology and environmental monitoring. Links to descriptions of the seasonal field studies are found at the top of this page. Click on the seasonal buttons and then select specific lessons to preview.

Ecological field studies promote a wide variety of student outcomes that correspond to established science education standards in many countries. These include content standards in the areas of earth science, life science, biology, ecology, science process skills and the nature of science. Intellectual skill development includes questioning, data collection, analysis and drawing conclusions. Affective outcomes include an appreciation for the processes of science and positive values related to natural, scientific and cultural systems.

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Ecological Field Studies 4CD Set:

It is possible to purchase the complete set of 40 seasonal Ecological Field Study Materials (video in mpg + manuals in pdf formats) in an attractive 4 compact disk set. These compact disks are compatible with Mac and PC computers. The teacher background information and manuals can be printed out for easy reference. The videos are suitable for individual student or whole class instruction. To purchase the complete 4CD set write a request to the authors (in a free form).

Ecological Field Studies 4CD Set

Some of these manuals you can also purchase in the form of applications for Android devices on Google Play.

Ecological Field Studies Demo Disk:

We also have a free and interesting demonstration disk that explains our ecological field studies approach. The demo disk has short excerpts from all the seasonal field study videos as well as sample text from all the teacher manuals. The disk has an entertaining automatic walk through which describes the field study approach and explains how field studies meet education standards.

You can also download the Demo Disc from ecosystema.ru/eng/eftm/CD_Demo.iso. This is a virtual hybrid (for PC and Mac computers) CD-ROM image (one 563 Mb file "CD_Demo.iso"). You can write this image to the CD and use it in your computer in ordinary way. You also can use emulator software of virtual CD-ROM drive to play the disk directly from your hard disk.

Ecological Field Studies Demo Disk

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